Monday, 14 July 2008

Your humble toad told you so much......

"The radical extension of maternity leave and parents’ rights is sabotaging women’s careers, according to the head of the new equalities watchdog.

Nicola Brewer said that it was an inconvenient truth that giving women a year off work after the birth of each child - soon to be paid throughout - was making employers think twice before offering a job or promotion. "

Give the woman a Nobel Prize. It will be interesting to see how the idiots of "New Labour" respond to this, especially the goon Harman. My guess is more legislation.
The Right isn't losing the battle over the custody of Political Language - because it's not even fighting that battle. How anyone can refer to this ridiculous legislation as a "right" is beyond me. It is a government enforced employment perk and I wouldn't be surprised if it emanated from the Castle of Lies over in Brussels.

Sooner or later we will hear of people naturally extolling their advantages on their CVs as employing Victims gets more hazardous;

"I have three grown-up children and have no wish to have any more...." Trans: "I won't pick your pocket whilst sat at home looking after my baby"

"My wife Mary....." Trans: "I'm not queer...."

"My family have lived in the area for 150 years...." Trans: "I'm white..."

Cue legislation forcing employers alert the authorities over "illegal CVs"

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