Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Harriet Harperson - dangerous lunatic......

The ideological mechanoid pictured above has now - I believe - cashed in on Brown's current vunerability. The raving man-hater is pushing through legislation, which on the face of it, should be applicable to both men and women. But just listen to the mad cow as she describes the legislation in the video clip below. There is a short ad in the first few seconds;
This a barrister and cabinet minister explaining a change in the law. Tell me she isn't unhinged. What a ghastly woman. She typifies the Far-Left's doctrinal contempt for the concept of "human nature". She is the embodiment of undiluted 1970's Leftist campus orthodoxy - relationships between genders, races, ages and cultures, in society and at work, need to be controlled and dictated by the State. Free, Libertarian societies are a dangerous risk, which are too vunerable to the human weaknesses like "merit", "shame", "family" and "tradition". Harriet has conquered and quarantined these weaknesses and emotions and has replaced them with a set of cold, inert rules.
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UK Voted said...

When I heard about this new piece of legislation I was appalled and not surprised at the same time. This government has consistently interfered with perfectly good legislation and tinkered with other areas in order that can be seen to be politically correct. Why is their ministers are constantly attempting to appeal to the minority, whilst completely ignoring, or in this case, alienating the majority?