Friday, 29 June 2007

Toad recommends......

This is the book that articulates all that is wrong with the dreadful Liberal experiment that is being played out in British inner cities. I found myself laughing with disbelief as "the one true way" of Polly Toynbee et al, was comprehensively demolished by a man I would not hesitate to call the "Orwell of our time". A psychiatrist and doctor, Theodore Dalrymple's experience of the British underclass leaves him exceptionally well positioned as a social commentator covering the moral decline in British cities. A thorough expose of the sheer dishonesty of the Left. Brilliant.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Epitomising Blair

I have been wondering if there was a single event that epitomised Tony Blair's time as PM.

This morning, it came to me. It was the incident involving the Oxford student, who made the rather silly statement "your horse is gay" to a police officer. Six officers gave chase to the fleeing student - a Mr. Brown, they arrested him, put him in a prison cell and he was charged with section 5 of the Public Order Act for making "homophobic remarks". And I think that's it - we're all Victims now. Even if you're a horse.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Sedgefield by-election...I wonder who'll win?

A Labour activist woos the voters in Sedgefield.

To describe Sedgefield as a safe seat would be something of an understatement.
Sedgefield is a typical example of a constituency bought for the Labour party using your money. The inhabitants are kept welfare dependent so they can keep voting Labour. They're non too smart either.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Life is richer for the pourer....

Another consignment of joy for Lincoln's council estates.
The message on the back of this truck is rich in social irony. Give the underclass want they want, at a price they can easily afford and make them even more sorry for themselves than they already are. You can't help some people.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Muslim "culture"...............

Girl is murdered by her own father and uncle

Mahmod Mahmod and Ari Mahmod

Take a look at the two individuals pictured above. These people are resident in the UK because Liberals, in their seemingly infinite wisdom, reckon that mass immigration from Pakistan and Kurdistan (where these men originate from) - religiously fundamental hovels - will "culturally enrich" (to use classic Liberal phraseology) the United Kingdom.

When Mahmod Mahmod, 52, and his brother Ari Mahmod, 50, came to Britain, they didn't just bring suitcases and hope with them. They brought with them a backward and uncivilised ideology, some aspects of which England had not seen for 200 years. Whilst indigenous Britons fret over the unsavoury behaviour of some of their binge-drinking, semi-literate, welfare-dependent, urbanites, let us reflect on what is considered right in muslim society.

Mahmod Mahmod decided that his daughter Banaz Mahmod (pictured below), should not not court Rahmat Sulemani - her boyfriend - any longer. When she (an independent women by English law) defied him, Mahmod Mahmod and his brother Ari acted in accordance with the medieval diktats of the muslim faith - and killed her. Don't be fooled by the vacuous and tactical utterances of so-called "moderate" muslims. To the Pakistanis and Kurds of Britain's muslim ghettos, this young girl got what was coming to her.

Banaz Mahmod, 20, was quite legally killed, in the eyes of many Muslims.

The two men are due to be sentenced after having been found gulity today, Monday 11th June 2007. Ironically, the country that is so alien to them in its culture, also has an alien legal system. One that spares the lives of murderers.

Let it be clear; this murder is the tip of the iceberg. Muslim communities are so close-knit, that the majority of these killings are never detected. The communities are so close-knit because they were never meant to be anything else.

"Multiculturalism" - that great, naive, Liberal project, envisaged a grateful new community of ex-savages seeing the benefit of an enlightened English culture and living in peace and harmony amongst us. Of course, when it didn't happen, the Left - being constricted by their own ideological rules - couldn't possibly blame the newcomers. No, it was we - the indigenous Britons - who were to blame. Our enlightened culture became the culture that needed "correcting". "Ism" is the cure-all rejoinder for that rude stranger - the truth - when it presents itself to the Guardian reader. And this is what sickens the Toad. For when the muslim machine conducts itself as it is designed to do - and kills a twenty year old girl for an infraction of her father's house-rules, Liberals are quick to manoeuvre, for they are only too aware that the whole mess has their dabs on it.

Twice today has the Toad heard Liberals posturing over the murder, and condemning it in frigid terms - "how awful that a father could blah blah etc..." - completely race neutral, of course, because after all, they (the murderers) are just ordinary "British men". Just like newspapers paraded their "tolerance" credentials after the 7th July muslim attacks on London: " could ordinary British boys do such a thing?" came the dishonest bile from our conditioned press.

To listen to the wooden, constrained reporting and comment on this murder, is to realise just how frightened of moral censure our people have become. That moral censure comes from those on the hard-left who have, over many years worked themselves into government, the BBC and our institutions.

The facts are that muslims generally don't like us. They deplore our customs and ancient rights. The reason why they are here is because roads, clean water, sewerage, a national health system, reliable electricity, social security, safe food, public transport, law and order (ironically) and a free press are something which they don't have in Pakistan or other radical muslim nations. Even so, many third generation UK Pakistanis send their wages or benefits "home" to Pakistan, thus lancing the boil of the fatuous Liberal argument that Pakistanis have "financially enriched" Britain.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Tatchell - a "man" of our times........

Take this Sodomski!!!

Does anyone else find Peter Tatchell a nauseating, self-serving, professional Victim? I currently don't have video hosting on this blog, but here's a link to him getting punched in Russia:

He gets a decent straight right to the eye and then starts a pitiful wailing; "help me, help me......someone protect me...." in a cringing, pathetic way.

Here is Tatchell’s self pitying and woeful account (from The Guardian – who else?);

"On Sunday Peter Tatchell was assaulted and then arrested at a gay-rights protest in Moscow. Here he tells Luke Harding exactly what happened............"

"I was invited to Moscow by the organisers of Gay Pride. The plan was to mark the 14th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Russia, and call for the right to hold a gay pride parade. (why would anyone be "proud" to have a genetic disorder?) The activists had been attacked at a similar protest last year, and they felt it was very important to have international observers to witness how the Moscow authorities treated them. Their hope was that our presence would encourage the Moscow police to be less aggressive. (methinks you overstate your own importance, Mr. Tatchell)

We arrived at the city hall at 12 o'clock on Sunday. Our intention was to hand a letter to the Moscow mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, but the police allowed gangs of neo-Nazis to infiltrate our group. They started attacking people in an absolutely shocking way. The police stood and watched while people punched me, knocked me to the ground and then kicked me. Eventually the police arrested me and let my neo-Nazi assailants walk free. I was taken into a police van with others, including the German MP Volker Beck, and the Italian MEP Marco Cappato (well, at least they were "equal opportunity" incarerators!! heh, heh..) . When we sat in the bus the police taunted us. They said: "Are you members of the sexual minority?" We said yes. They said: "We are going to have some fun with you at the police station."

I spent 45 minutes at the station trying unsuccessfully to register a complaint. When we left, (hold on, what about the "fun"?) neo-Nazis attacked us again and pelted us with eggs. A Russian orthodox priest ran across the road and attacked us too. (so, not a "neo-Nazi" on this occasion?) There were hundreds of riot police who could have easily prevented the neo-Nazis from assaulting us. I was taken in an ambulance to the Moscow eye hospital for treatment to my right eye. I took a real beating around the head and even a day later I'm pretty woozy. It's still difficult to see clearly. It was the second worst beating after the one I received at the hands of Mugabe's thugs in Brussels in 2001. This time I wasn't knocked unconscious and left in the gutter but I ended up with a much bloodier face and severe bruising and swelling on my head. (translation: "I'm no ordinary Victim, you know. Oh no, I've form I have, I'm truly virtuous in this regard...")

What this shows is the flawed and failed nature of Russia's transition to democracy. It was a shameful abdication by the Moscow police of their responsibility to uphold the law. I think the British Embassy in Moscow should write a strong letter to the Russian authorities for failing to protect a lawful protest." (what this shows, Mr Tatchell, is the fact that not the whole of the world has been politically corrected by your ghastly Liberal conditioning)


Notice how Tatchell constantly - and rather awkwardly - refers to his assailants as "neo-Nazis". It's as if he wants to force this label onto his assailants, to establish their group identity as a given, established fact. "Ordinary Muscovites" won't do at all will it, Peter? No, that wouldn't serve any purpose at all would it?

Let's be right about this, if Tatchell could turn the clock back and make things different so he didn't get cuffed, do you think he would? No, of course he wouldn't. Why? Because he regards the assault and his subsequent treatment by the police, to be a great asset in terms his status as a Victim. And that, my friends is all that counts in Peter’s world. The assault will be worn on his sleeve, like a Normandy veteran wears his medals on his chest. If he wasn't a homosexual, he'd be protesting about some such other terrible wrong in this awful, unfair world. He is truly a 21st century, Southern English, urban man.

Friday, 1 June 2007


Look upon the picture above, mortals!! Then throw yourselves down as unworthy insects, to have presumed to look upon the image of the late Mrs. Longden's fish and chip emporium, in the village of Upton.

Yes, the Toad has again sampled God's chosen haddock and chips and confirms that all other comestibles of this style are but a poor imitation of His choice.

Go you to this place, as ancient pilgrims to a far-away shrine. Only then, will ye be complete.