Friday, 11 July 2008

The emperors' clothes

Apparently there are no limits to what the EU achieves. For instance, it is only the existence of the EU which has prevented a war between its members since 1945.

I'm not kidding either;

Look at the scrolling "Did you know that..." section on the left of the page.

I witnessed a debate (Question Time or something like it) where that egregious cow Shirley Williams made that same ludicrous claim, without being challenged. I've lost count of the times I've heard clear falsehoods about the EU's achievements go completely unchallenged on R4 interviews and debates.

There is something worrying about the way in which europhiles go unchecked in making fantastic claims about the EU's achievements. It is worrying because in the event that we ever leave this corrupt and deceitful club, those same people will enjoy having the same platform to make false claims about pitfalls of non-membership.

In this scenario, I envisage claims that every major transport accident, economic downturn, cattle infection or flood, would have been averted had we only remained in the EU.
And just wait and see what happens if Britain's most accomplished liar becomes the first "King of Europe". There will be no end to the bullshit.

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