Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Rick Stein....faux conservationist....

Rick Stein is a cop out. Every time he comes on TV, he always bemoans the parlous state of the fish stocks in Britain's waters. Yet the one and only time I've ever heard him mention the EU - the chief culprit in the fish stocks disaster - was the other night. He is standing outside a smokery in Arbroath waxing lyrical about some smokies that he's holding in his hands, and he says; "...and due to an EU regulation, these smokies can now only be sold in this area.....and that's great isn't it? Because it means that they remain special to the place they have originated from..." or words to that effect. I wonder if the bloke who runs the smokery would think the same?

Personally, I've never heard of such EU laws restricting the sale of foodstuffs to a certain sub-national geographical area and I strongly suspect that Stein was confusing the EU's "protected status" laws which mean the name "Arbroath Smokies" can only be used if the goods have originated in Arbroath. Nonetheless, what a twat; he affects to be a conservationist, yet (wrongly) praises the Raper of the Seas in that dreamy, vague, europhile, fashion-over-substance way, whilst fleets of Spanish trawlers eradicate our fish.
Like Cameron, Stein would undoubtably avoid mentioning "Europe", for fear of being regarded as "ranting". Never mind the facts then........
The sooner we're out of this EU mess, the better.

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