Friday, 13 April 2007

Go on...have a McDonalds

Yes, I know - it's like eating cardboard. But you'd be striking a small blow against the mindless Victim Culture that seems to have such a hold over Liberal sensibilties in c21 Britain.

The most high-profile target of negative consumer pressure in Britain are the murdering paedophiles we have come to know as MacDonalds. At least that's what you'd think they were, if some people were to be believed. Their food may taste bland, but I used to love their coffee on the way to work. MacDonalds coffee with brown sugar and cream to start the day off. Not anymore though, because thanks to the Victims who hate MacDonalds for being the successful enterprise that they are, they no longer provide the cream that made the coffee "just so".
The whole bitch about MacDonalds seems to be about envy. From the few times I've been to a MacDonalds I've found that the "restaurant" always seems clean and the food preparation places seem sterile ( which gives you the impression that's where the food gets its blandness from). Toad's brother has been to a MacDonalds sanctioned abattoir and tells me that the place is immaculate with a member of Macdonald’s staff permanently on-site.

Who could say the same about the average kebab shop? Two years ago I succumbed to the British ritual of the Friday night kebab which apparently was lamb. The next morning I fished this thing out of the bin and had a good look at it - probably the only one I've ever examined sober. It was full of gristle and tiny pieces of hard matter which I suspect was bone. All of this was compacted into a rubberised mass which I think is generally called "reconstituted meat" - in other words garbage that has been powerwashed from carcasses. What traceability does this stuff have? Now if Morgan Spurlock had eaten this for 30 days he'd had done us all a favour. So, why don't we ever hear of protests or documentaries against such places? Well, perhaps because the proprietors are usually poor and/or immigrants rather that wealthy US corporations and are therefore seen as Victims in their own right rather than the easy target that MacDonalds are.

MacDonald's biggest crime is to be successful. Whenever I see "globalisation" protesters launching waste bins through a MacDonalds window, I can just about see the thought bubble above their lice ridden heads which says; "that's for reminding me how useless I am".

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