Saturday, 7 April 2007

The best fish 'n' chips....

Lincolnshire is the fish 'n' chip capital of the world. I once met a chap who said: "Yorkshire has all the best fish and chip shops". With total confidence that no court would convict me, I took half a step back, sprang forward and struck him hard with a clenched fist to his throat. "You sir", says I, "are a confounded liar". He said nothing in reply - the silent testimony of the guilty, I suppose.

Haddock and chips from the late Mrs. Longden's in Upton village certainly were the best, when the venerable old soul was still shovelling coal into her 1930's fryer. Her nephew carries on with the business, I'll let you know if they're still the world's no. 1 when I've reviewed them again. Grimsby has a plethora of very good fish 'n' chip shops. My favourite in Lincoln is the Elite on Tritton Road. Mr. Chips in Louth are good too. These places are the tops - Rick Stein ain't in it.

Whatever you do, don't eat fish 'n' chips in the sweating, groaning, hell-holes that pass for holiday resorts on Lincolnshire's East coast. They cater for the troglodyte masses of Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire, who think that what they're eating is "reet gud" on the simple premise that it isn't gruel. You eat fish 'n' chips from Skeggy for a week and you'll be dead within the year. Fact.

The worst fish and chips are to be found in the South - no arguments. Scotland comes a creditable second place in the worst-fish-n-chips-in-Britain league. Roll on independence and then with a leader called "Salmon", they might pass the "Closure of Poor Chippies Act" (2007).

Comments welcome (apart from outright lies - see para 1).


John Banks said...

I have to disagree with your comments about Fish & Chips in east coast resorts.
My shop The Clock Fish & Chip Restaurant in Seaholme Rd, Mablethorpe.has recently been awarded with the Seafish Fryers Quality award, placing it among the top Fish & Chip businesses in the country.
We had to satisfy over 250 criteria involving food quality, food handling, premises and customer service in order to reach this standard.
Not wanting to rest on our laurels we are striving for greater achievements and are now entering The Fish & Chip Shop of the Year competition.

The Amazing Toad said...


Forgive my flippant all-embracing judgement on East coast fish and chip shops. However, I've had some bad, bad, fish and chips from Lincolnshire's coast. They've all used vegetable oil too - sacriledge. I will visit your shop the next time I'm in Mabo.

Kind regards

The Toad.

Anonymous said...

I must tell you that I also use vegetable oil as it has no hydrogenated or trans fats which poeple are demanding for a healthier diet.
However please come and try, see what you think.