Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Noble Knight of Newcastle

******The Noble Knight of Newcastle******

How, officer - will y' lerruz threw,
Coz man.....av a chikken fur Murty t' chew.
It's canny - it's jus' the trick,
It's Asda's speshul:- Lemon 'n' Gar-lick

Ahhh..c'mon - lerruz past!
Ah dinna fear th' shotgun's blast.
Why, ahl put an end t' this saga,
Wiv these bonny cans o' lager.

Constabble, pleez hear ma appeal,
Relax thish cold ring o' steel....
Av got me rod - be in nur doubt,
Me 'n' Murty - we'll catch some trout.

Aww, copper, be a mate,
Let me save Murty frum 'is fate.
Ahl tell 'im he cannat hang,
An' if he's good he'll....[[BANG!!]]

Ahh fuhk..waasat gan up in th' air?
It luks like a bit o' ginger hair. luks like Murty's stricken,
Ermm.....wudya like sum lager....'n' sum chikken?
(First posted to newsgroup ukpm 14 July 2010)

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